Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Goals Update

Do you know what stinks?  Having the flu.  It went straight to my lungs.  It felt like I was drowning. The cough is still lingering, all other symptoms are gone.

The first two weeks of January I feel like I did great with going to the gym and working out. The last two weeks were rough.  Being sick and working out do not go together.

I finished reading Checkout Girl and Slaughterhouse Five, or The Children's Crusade.  I decided to come up with a ranking system for the books I read.  No star ratings, no 1 out of 10.  I want to put a unique twist to it.  This will be a mini goal for next month.

I did not finish What Maisie Knew.  The book was too depressing.  If the book was shorter, I might have been able to push myself through it.  It is about a young girl experiencing her parents' divorce and subsequent relationships.  Her parents use her to attack each other. I am interested in watching the movie version, starring Julianne Moore and Alexander Skarsgard.

The book I chose to replace What Maisie Knew is...

Ellen Foster

When I was younger, ABC used to play a Hallmark movie on Sunday nights.  One of the movies was Ellen Foster.  It made a large impression on me. When I found Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons in my library's used book sale, I had to buy it.  It is about a young girl growing up in the rural South during what is probably the 1970s.  No date in particular is mentioned, but it seems to take place before the technological boom of the 1980s.  Ellen Foster grows up with a sick mother and an abusive father. When her mom dies, she has to fend for herself and grow up fast. Eventually, she is taken from her father's care and shuffles between multiple relatives.  Ellen Foster narrates her story from the safety of her "new mama's" home.  The story is touching.

I did not complete Dune last month, but I plan on finishing it.  The book is deep and intense.  I want to take the time to think about it, not rush through it.  The edition I own has the first three books and appendixes.

This past week, I have been reading through old journals and notebooks.  It is hilarious reading through the dramatic teenage years.  It makes me happy my life is a lot more even since writing those tumultuous thoughts and emotions.  One time in a crowd of people, a few girls were discussing a boy they found attractive.  One of the girls loudly inquired, "Yeah Sarah, does anyone else like ___?"  I was embarrassed and probably blushed, but I ignored her.  Looking back on the situation, she is the one who should have felt embarrassed.  I am glad I did not react, because reactions only add fuel to the fire. But of course, my journal heard all about it later.  This is why it is therapeutic to privately journal.  You can voice anger, hurt, frustration, embarrassment, without feeling judged. Later you can look back and have a different perspective.

Organization was not accomplished this month.  This will transfer over to next month's goals.

My cornet has not been played nearly enough this month.  I did not want to play when I was sick.  I know it is an excuse, but it's a good one, right?  Sometimes, I wish I could use emojis in my blog posts.

The idea of monthly goal setting came from Kelli from the blog
Please visit her site and send her love.

This Friday, I will post my February Goals.

How was your January?  Did you begin or complete any projects?
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