Friday, January 16, 2015

Work in Progress

No, I did not forget about my resolution to post on Fridays.  I was hoping to be a bit more ahead of the game this second week of the first month of the year.

So far, I have started reading three of the four books for the month.  Only one book has managed to keep my interest.  I will delve more deeply into each book when I have finished all of them.

I have developed a plan for my spiritual goal to practice giving.  I will donate clothes to a local drive and shoes to a homeless shelter.

Tonight I was watching Law and Order: SVU on  The latest episode (Season 16. Episode 11), begins with a cover by TantrumJas of "Let Her Go" by Passenger. Passenger is one of my favorite bands, introduced to me by Pandora.  The song is beautiful and I recommend listening to the cover by clicking this highlighted link.  Please also, check out the band.  They have a lovely indie rock/folk sound with thought provoking lyrics.

A show I just started watching on Netflix is The Blacklist.  It is intriguing, if not a little predictable at times.

My laptop broke with all of my stock pictures and photography library.  In the next month or so, I would like to remedy the situation, so my blog can have an added personal touch.

Thank you for reading my little update.  How is your month, so far?
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