Thursday, October 3, 2013

Throwback Thursday: English Writing Exercise

   As I sit by my window, looking out, snow begins to fall in large heavy clusters on the dark green grass.  The sky is gray and the world is still.  I open the window to feel the cold air, to smell winter, someone's wood burning stove, and I hear a blue jay call.  I turn to look at him.  He's yelling at a squirrel who has ransacked the bird feeder...again.  The poor jay.  He cocks his head back and forth and caws once more before flying away.  His blue body is stark against the bare black branches of the trees.  Squirrel has stuffed himself with seed and is meandering his way toward the barn.
   The blustery wind blows and I close the window and watch.  The snow falls faster and harder.  The ground is soon covered in a comforter of snow.  I hear the wind hum.  A deer breaks through the woods.  Stumbling in over a few more branches, she falls.  Sitting quietly for a moment she sniffs the air.  Great puffs of breath come flowing out of her nostrils as she darts up onto her hooves.  She's spotted the spilled seed from the feeder and is helping herself to plenty.
   I look towards the barn.  Mr. Squirrel is staring and twitching his tail.  His bounty's been discovered by a bigger foe.  I laugh at the scene and wish I had a camera to take a picture.  The deer nibbles and picks for what must seem an eternity to the squirrel.  She is savoring every morsel she tastes.
   She must have heard something for she leaps back into the woods.  Satisfied she's gone Mr. Squirrel goes back to gather more storage.  I decide I want to taste the snow, which has covered the ground at least an inch or two.  I open the window, force my hand out, wait for a fistful of snow and stuff it in my mouth.  It's cold and sweet.  Another fistful, I feel the texture, it melts in my mouth.  Delicious.  A perfect day in November.  Cheers, Mr. Squirrel.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Loneliness" by Sak

"Just remember, I'll be your friend forever,"
Said he to I
"Like a shadow, I will follow,"
Said he to me
"Always around in the midst of a crowd
You can't hide from me"
I fall asleep to his reminders
I wake up to his announcements
I try to shake him,
but he lingers
He's loyal as a dog
He's clever as a cat
Knows just what to say
Knows just how to act
"You need me,"
says he,
but he'll give me my space
Then just when it's time
"I'm back,"
right in my face
A liar, full of deceit
I tell him to shut up
from time to time
He'll begin to whine
He's a coward
He'll give excuses
"They don't really care..."
but they do
"Just remember, I'll be your friend forever."
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