Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Netflix Picks

Every week I will spotlight a movie or series on Netflix which I enjoy.  There may be spoilers, so please read with caution.

This week:


I never got into the series when it premiered on television, probably because it was on during a show I watched on another network.  It is about a woman named Dr. Temperance Brennan (nicknamed Bones).  She is a forensic anthropologist who works with an FBI agent named Booth.  While the show can be graphic (dead bodies), I have chuckled at the humor in the show more than once per episode.  The show is based on the life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs.

The main character 'Bones' is very logical and intense.  She is not socially adept.  She is a genius and does not mind reminding people of this fact.

Booth is an FBI agent who was a sniper, but now works with 'Bones' solving cases throughout the country.

The main side characters at this time seem to be Angela, Hodgins, and Cam (don't forget Dr. Sweets!), but this could change as the series continues.  We are in season five right now.  While some shows stick to the same core cast, this show has proven it can surprise you.  One character Joe and I both loved was Zach.  We miss him.

The plot of each show is to solve a case and in that sense it reminds me of Law and Order, without the courtroom proceedings.  I like how the writers juxtapose Brennan and Booth's often conflicting decision making processes.  Dr. Temperance Brennan is clearly a rational thinker, while Booth relies on intuition and his feelings.  Both are needed to make good decisions.

This show is one of my favorite genres, but it is not for everyone.  If you decide to check out an episode or two, let me know what you think.

What are you watching on Netflix?

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