Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Resolutions Progress Report

The Day of Reckoning!

This past month's resolutions went pretty well.  My finances have been monitored.  The biggest change I see which needs to be made is to rein in the food spending.  May will give me a chance to try a food budget each week.  One idea I had is to set aside portions of food from dinner for the next day's lunch.  This will also help me cut back on my portion sizes.

My Spiritual Resolution for the month of April was to focus on the Fruit of the Spirit Faith. Faith is not blind hope to me, but a reliance on truth.  Life has it ups and downs, but God is.  He is just, He is righteous, He is love.  He forgives.  He is faithful, loyal, and true.  I have faith in God as a loving Father.  I have faith in His Son Jesus Christ as my Savior.  I have faith in the Bible as the Word of God.  I have faith in heaven and everlasting life.

My Mental Resolution for the month was to finish my two books.  While I did finish The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, I did not finish Ender's Game.  It is has been difficult for me to re-read a book.  Usually when I love a book, I can re-read it many times, but Ender's Game has proven a little difficult.  Sometimes when I read a book for the second time, I see things I might have missed the first time.  So far, this has not happened.  I am expecting each step in the plot.  I know there is a deep meaningful message father into the book, so I still want to to finish it.  Plus, the movie comes out this year and I want to properly be able to compare it.

My Emotional Resolution for April was to spend more quality time with my loved ones. While I still feel this area of my life needs to be strengthened, I have reached out more this month.  My friend and I saw Oblivion in the theatre.  I went thrift store shopping twice with my family.  Joe and I played strategy games and watched Bones on Netflix quite a few nights in a row.  I had a few phone dates with some of my closest friends.

My Physical Resolution for the month was the least successful area.  Maintaining physical exercise has always been difficult for me.  The weather is getting nice so I would like to plan some hikes and nature walks for May.

Overall, I think the month was a success.  Kelli from She Learns As She Goes, inspired me to start monthly resolutions.  Give her blog a peek, she is a wonderful lady with great ideas.

How did your April Resolutions go this month?
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