Friday, February 1, 2013

February Resolutions

Monthly resolutions is a concept I found through Kelli from She Learns As She Goes.  She has a wonderful blog, filled with inspiring stories, creative ideas, and heartfelt sharing. Please visit her blog.

February's Spiritual Resolution is to focus on the Fruit of the Spirit Goodness.  According to the Thayer's Greek Lexicon, it comes from the Greek word, agathosyne, meaning uprightness of heart and life, goodness, kindness, beneficence.  How can I show goodness?

My Mental Resolution for the month of February is to finish writing my book.  It needs to be finished by March 1st!  My book has four essential sections.  I figure one section a week is a good feasible goal.

My Emotional Goal for February is to again spend more quality time with friends and family, being intentional about setting aside the time.

My Physical Resolution for the month of February is to exercise.  I have to do weights for 5 minutes a day.  While this is a minuscule increment of time, I'm setting the bar low in order to reach it.  Today I did my weights for 6 minutes!  One whole minute more than my goal.  I also want to exercise one day per week on my stationary bike for a minimum of twenty minutes.  If I don't complete this goal by Saturday of every week in February, I have to give up processed sugar for the entire day of Sunday (fruit does not count).  If (of course by accident) I do eat sugar on Sunday after not exercising by Saturday, then I have to give up Netflix Monday and Tuesday.  IF I break the rules further and watch Netflix one of those days, I have to give up the internet for the entire rest of the week, except for blogging, because that's my yearly resolution.  It does mean no Facebook, no Youtube, Twitter, or email.  Not even a Google search.  As an incentive, if I successfully exercise on the bike one day per week, then I give myself permission to spend $10 purely on myself.

I'm still trying to think of how I can show goodness this month.  Please let me know your suggestions.

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