Saturday, February 2, 2013

Caturday! Riley and Ezekiel Edition

Riley and Ezekiel

These two are best buddies and love to spend time together.  They play, cuddle, chase, and clean each other.  It is so sweet to see how Zeke has fallen into his big brother role. He truly cares for her.  Sometimes they can play a little too rough, but Riley certainly holds her own and definitely does her fair share of instigating.  She looks up to Ezekiel and likes to show off her "fighting prowess".

My new camera has allowed me to capture more of their sweet moments.

Just a mini update on my Physical Resolution for the month, I rode my bike today for twenty minutes (while watching Solved: Extreme Forensics on Netflix, not very extreme at all, oOo! DNA is a thing?)  I also lifted my weights for five minutes.  Baby steps!  Has anyone seen What About Bob?  I love that movie.  Just saying...

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