Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Resolutions

My Spiritual Resolution for the month of January is to focus on the Fruit of the Spirit Gentleness.  Gentle means mild in temperament or behavior.  A synonym of gentle is soft. My verse of the month will be Proverbs 15:1a  "A soft answer turneth away wrath:"  My job in retail gives me the chance to be gentle everyday.  It is easier for me to gentle with some people than others.  The elderly, those who are sick, and young children always inspire a gentle nature within myself.  It is difficult to be gentle to someone who is rude or irrationally angry, but as the above Scripture mentions, being gentle will turn away wrath.

My Emotional Resolution for the month is to re-connect with friends and family.  Working two retail jobs is stressful for this particular introvert.  When I get home from work, I feel the need to detox and be alone.  At the same time, I am missing quality time with my family and friends.  We are to "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ." (Galations 6:2)  We cannot do this sheltered in a bubble.  We need to interact with each other and stay involved.  Life is a delicate balance.

My Mental Resolution for the month of January is to write some ads for my business and post them in online forms.  I have some ideas for Kenyon Consultation (my business), which I am excited to explore and share with you guys.

My Physical Resolution for January is to exercise twice per week on my stationary bike and to use my weights at least once per day, even if only for a few minutes.  Last week, I rode my bike for a combined sixty minutes.  Exercising in another which is hard to do when working two jobs.  I feel exhausted and do not want to exert myself for anything.  One thing which distracts me from the effort is to watch Netflix while riding my bike.  One day, I would love to own a treadmill desk.  Then, I could write and peruse the internet while exercising!

Kelli from She Learns As She Goes came up with the monthly resolution idea and hosts a Link Up for it on her blog.  If you are so inclined, join the group.  It is a great way to stay motivated to complete your goals.  Sometimes the fellow girls help me decide my future resolutions.  Thanks Kelli!
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