Friday, December 21, 2012

Restored Faith in Humanity

It's been a rough week in retail land.  Maybe you've noticed people have been on edge?  I don't know whether it's the awful tragedy in the news, the upcoming fiscal cliff, the "end of the world", or a combination of them all.  It feels different than the normal Christmas rush.

Yesterday, an elderly lady with an accent, possibly German, came down my register with an order totaling over $100.  The lady behind her in line, paid for her entire order!  Just like that.  The elderly lady was flabbergasted.  Her jaw about hit the floor and she couldn't believe it.  She thought there must be a catch.  She had tears in her eyes as she expressed her thanks and holiday well wishes.  Even thinking about it now, I tear up.  It was a beautiful expression of charity.

I love to pass this story on.  The lady who gave wished to remain anonymous and isn't that true giving?  Giving with no expectation in return.  Maybe we all can't afford to give someone $100, but we can all give something.

What are some ways to give which do not have a high monetary value?

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