Friday, November 30, 2012

November Resolutions Recap

Today is resolution recap day.

While I will follow up on my resolutions, I also wanted to show off my Christmas tree!  It is our first Christmas Tree as a couple and the first Christmas tree our two youngest cats have experienced.  Ezekiel (the two year old) seemed thrilled to have a piece of the outdoors in our living room.  They have not destroyed it yet, but I don't think they can knock it over, because it's in a planter.  In the spring, we are going to plant it outside.  I'm excited we get to keep our first Christmas tree forever.

My sister gave me this ornament.

The ornaments I bought from a certain retailer did not include hooks.

Ezekiel standing guard of the tree.

I'll be sewing each of the four cat's names into the stockings.  Boy, will they be surprised Christmas morning!  Since they can't read, I can tell you they will be getting catnip and mice for Christmas.

Alright, back to resolutions recap.

My Spiritual Resolution was to focus on the Fruit of the Spirit Peace.  My two verses were John 14:27 and Romans 12:18.  They are two of my favorite verses on the subject and one is a song from my childhood, so it's easier to memorize.  If everyone made it a point to practice the fruits of the spirit, the world would be an easier place to live.

My Mental Resolution was to read more fiction.  This past week I learned a benefit of reading fiction before bed.  It gives your brain a chance to relax and give up problem solving in order to fall asleep faster. 

My Emotional Resolutions were to write letters and learn how to make bottle cap magnets. While I did learn how to make the magnets, I did not actually engage in making them.  My creative juices were not flowing.  Soon though, my sister is coming over for a Christmas party and I have decided we will be making Christmas presents for friends and family.

My Physical Resolution for the month was to MOVE.  Just Dance 3 helped me to do just that.  Wednesday I earned 5 stars on a song and it pretty much made my night. ;)  It is fun and involves one of my favorite things, music.  They even post the lyrics so you can sing along, but it is hard to dance and sing.  Now we know why there is lip-syncing.  The other part of my physical resolution was to consider being gluten free.  I did donate the pasta. As far as being gluten free, I like to call it being gluten less.  I'm not obsessing over it, but I am excited to try some gluten free products as replacements for wheat products.

My extra resolution was to take more photos of little Riley.  She is a cutie.  I'm very blessed to have her in my life.  She is always moving, so the picture came out a little blurry.

Thank you to Kelli from She Learns As She Goes for coming up with the idea of Monthly Resolutions and for sharing her journey through life with us in such a graceful public manner.  I'm glad you are feeling better, Kelli.  We missed you.  Visit her blog and show her some love.
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