Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Christmas is Coming!

What I am Currently:

Watching:  Crossing Jordan on Netflix.  It's about a medical examiner's office.  Describing it to a friend, I mentioned it's a mixture of Law and Order and Grey's Anatomy.  I never really watched the show when it was on TV, because it was on the same time as another of my favorite shows (can't remember which), but I would switch to Crossing Jordan when the commercials came on or a rerun was playing.  Some of the plots are a little too easy for me to guess the results, but I like the characters.

Wishing:  I could remember the poems I write in my dreams.  I can't even remember the themes.  The process of waking up distracts my brain.  All I can think is, man that was a great piece of work, too bad I can't remember.

Waiting:  For my address labels to arrive in the mail.

Wondering:  When my business will take off and running.  It's all on my shoulders to plow ahead.  It's my responsibility.  It's time I took that to heart and started acting.  My business cards came in the mail and I've been passing them out to friends and family.  Tomorrow is my day to letter write.  At least one must be finished tomorrow.

Worrying:  Too many worries to count and name.

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