Monday, October 29, 2012

Spotlight on a Blessing

Pictures of Riley

Friday evening, my sister, Joe, and I stopped in at PetSmart.  We were only looking around...when Joe suddenly called me over to the cat hut.  As soon as I set eyes on the little one, I knew I had to have her.  She is adorable and precious.  Her name is Riley.  The Humane Society approximates her age to be around two months old, but we think she is younger.  She is already fixed.  Unfortunately, she has been licking her stitches, so we had to create a makeshift cone for her little head (pictures soon!)

She is getting along great with our Clorox, Wuss, and Zeke.  Ezekiel loves her very much. We were concerned with his behavior, he's been the baby of the family for two years, but he is very gentle.  They are both asleep on the cat tower right now with Riley on the highest rung.

This blog will be filled with pictures of Riley.  Even though she is our cat, she seems to know she is my baby.

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