Monday, October 22, 2012

List of Gratefulness

1.  Joe made me breakfast.  We hardly ever have the day off together, but we both had the morning to ourselves for once.  He made an egg and cheese omelet.  It was delicious.

2.  My sister and I carved pumpkins this past weekend.  Pictures will be coming soon.  My camera and editing software have been on the fritz lately.

3.  Eating roasted pumpkin seeds!

4.  Finishing Season One of Downton Abbey.  It's a wonderful program.  The British sure do know how to entertain.

5.  Saturday morning I baked a pie!  The recipe came from one of my closest friends.  I will be blogging it this week also.

6.  Ezekiel has been nice to me all week.

7.  Today I had a raspberry chocolate bar, it was so good!

8.  I am thankful for hot water for a nice long shower after a long day at work.

9.  Spending quality time with two of my friends on the phone.

10.  This week I am particularly grateful for a job.  Many people are suffering financial hardship.  A young gentleman today expressed to me how he and his wife both work two jobs and hardly get to see their daughter, but he was thankful to be debt free.

*I do feel obligated to tell you the above photograph is not my own.  It's from an image collection I bought the rights to use.  It makes me uncomfortable to use them.  What do you, my viewer, think?  You have my word, I will always tell you if a photo is not my own.

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