Friday, October 12, 2012

Fiction Friday: A Work in Progress

Part Eight

Being away from Robert was beginning to be unbearable.  I decided to pay an after Visitor’s Hour visit.  I used a payphone near a bus stop to call my aunt and uncle.  They fully obliged my staying out late.

Luckily, the receptionists were older ladies who liked me.  The elderly were least suspicious of a quiet girl with a beneficial heart.  They gave me directions to his room.  He was seated in his wheelchair by a window.

I sat down and took his hand.  He was so still…no movement or twitch.

The evening nurse came in and announced it was time for me to leave.

The sun was setting and I wandered about the hospital.  No doctors ever visited this wing of the hospital, at least whenever I was here.  There was no medical equipment to speak of on the whole floor.  Rehabilitation was supposed to happen here.  Most every victim of stroke was age 40 or above.  Alice had been here the longest, outside of Robert.

I ventured into the various other wings of the hospital.  It was late, but busy.  It was a prosperous institution.  

I began to wonder how much keeping Robert in this state financially benefited the hospital.

My skin began to feel as though ants were crawling all over my body.

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