Monday, October 8, 2012

Count Your Blessings

A lovely lady I am following here on Blogger named Mandie (visit her blog here) has a great idea.  Every Monday we list things which have blessed us.

Next week I will write down the blessings as they happen, so I won't forget, but for now I will list what I can recall.

1.  Seeing a giant mushroom when I visited my parents the other day.  I wish I had measured it, because it was so huge!  There were quite a few of them around, but this one was the only giant one intact.  The squirrels and chipmunks must be enjoying the bounty.

2.  A good friend of mine visiting our apartment and making crafts (which I blogged here).

3.  Getting my ears pierced!  See pictures here.

4.  Having three healthy kitties who show love and affection on a daily basis.

5.  My mom giving me her old Good Housekeeping magazines.  I love magazines.

6.  My dad stringing my acoustic guitar for me.  I'm going to play everyday now.

7.  My little sister giving me hugs, she gives the best hugs.

8.  Joe making me tea (I've been sick these last few days).

9.  A customer complimenting my ring.

10.  Discovering Downton Abbey!  Just one episode had me hooked.  I can't wait to view more.

It's weird because of a lot of my life is documented on my blog now.  Hopefully, this is a good thing and my future children will not be embarrassed by their mother's behavior.

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