Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Barbie Girl, Living in a Barbie World

Jen is a young Barbie collector who lives here in Upstate New York.  She owns many Barbies.  Right now her count is at 61 and she continues to add to her collection whenever possible, even if she is technically running out of room.  Her favorite places to find them are yard sales and thrift stores.  She never plans on retiring or selling her collection. When asked, she reveals her first Mattel brand dolls, two Kelly dolls she received for her fourth birthday. Interesting fact, Kelly dolls are no longer sold in stores, she was replaced with Chelsea. Jen maintains a whole world for her 61 Barbies, called Bashall Land, named after her favorite Barbie family.

1.  What interests you about Barbies?  They are fun to play with and I just like them.

2.  Which is your favorite?  Brenda the bendy Barbie.

3.  How do you choose names?  I pick a name that looks like the Barbie.

4.  Do the names change?  Once in a while.

5.  Which is your oldest Barbie?  A Ken doll I named Dick.  He is from the year 1984.

6.  Do you have any in their original boxes?  Only one, the 2010 Holiday Barbie.

7.  Do you agree with the Toy Story movie's opinion, toys should be played with, not just displayed?  The older ones that are antique should just be displayed, the others should be played with and enjoyed.

8.  Is there one Barbie you wished you could own?  Stacie, Barbie's little sister.

*Photographs courtesy of Exartizo Images.

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