Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Resolutions Recap

Every month now I participate in monthly resolutions.  It is a way to publicly hold myself accountable to goals I create for myself each month.  The idea is credited to She Learns As She Goes, visit her blog!  She creates a link up party for us all to keep in contact and cheer each other on.  If you are interested in joining in, feel free.

This past month's Spiritual Resolution was to focus on the first Fruit of the Spirit: Love. Tenth Avenue North has a new song called, "Losing".  The chorus has a line, "This is love, this is hate, we all have a choice to make."  Love is a choice.  It is not a feeling.  The song gives me chills.  Click the link below to be taken to the official music video.

"Losing" by Tenth Avenue North

Another song which hit home for me this past month is "The Proof of Your Love" by For King and Country. It talks about loving with the love of God and Jesus Christ.  The song has portions of I Corinthians 13, one of my verses for the month.  Click the link below to hear an acoustic version of the song they performed for the K-LOVE radio station.

"The Proof of Your Love" by For King and Country

My mental goal for the month of September was to read three books related to my field and to post one blog/tweet per week.  While I did read all three books, I did not post one thing all month.  I did brainstorm one blog.  I just never felt I could phrase my concepts correctly.  I am a perfectionist at heart and instead of trying and failing, I wait.  Failure is just what happens before success though, right?  Next month, I will renew the mental goal of posting, except it will be to post ONCE on the business blog.

My emotional resolution for September was to find healthier ways to channel my aggression.  I do not feel I lived up to this resolution either.  It is still hard for me to process my anger quickly.  When something bad happens I tend to dwell on it.  It negatively influences my interactions with family members and friends.  I do not want to be a slave to my emotions.  I want to separate being upset about a single event from the rest of my great life.  My loved ones shouldn't have to suffer from a situation when they are not the source.  I do feel like I learned more about myself this month.  Does that deserve a B? ;)

My physical resolution for September went a lot better than the August resolution.  No, I did not meet the 3.5 hour mark, but I met my goal 75% of the way.  It helps when my friends and family chip in and keep me company.  I did visit Planet Fitness, but mainly nature was my gymnasium!

Spiritual:  A

Mental:  B

Emotional:  B

Physical:  C

This fall I do not have school, so these resolutions are fun activities to accomplish each month.  I'm debating about branching out, having more than four resolutions per month, and doing a weekly or bi-weekly update.

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