Friday, September 28, 2012

Fiction Friday: A Work in Progress

Part Six

Amber.  Robert’s little sister.  She was now a sophomore at a Massachusetts’ college. She didn’t seem sad or angry for my intrusion.  She didn’t even ask why.  My questions about Robert were not able to be answered.  She was only ten when Robert was stricken. I asked about her mom and Dr. Jones.

“He won’t marry mom and she used to be very angry, but lately she seems resolved to her fate.  She kept Robert’s room the same, even against his professional opinion.  She called me last week to say she went in for the first time since she locked it up all those years ago.

“As her daughter, do you believe it would be too much for me to contact her?”

“It seems like perfect timing.”

Katherine’s message machine was short and I left an even shorter message.  I sounded nervous, stammering out my words.  She called back and sounded reassuring.  She did have a daughter my age.  She sounded very unlike how her ex-husband described her. She invited me over when I told her I was involved in Robert’s care.

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