Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guest Blogger: Shoe Polish Wonderful

Pay It Forward and Baked Potatoes

I was in line at the grocery store the other day not really paying attention, looking at the gum or something.  I snapped out of my stupor when the clerk told the total to the woman ahead of me and she replied that she was short the change. She started frantically (slight exaggeration) looking for an item that she could do without. So naturally being the uber generous, thoughtful, philanthropic, and most importantly, humble person I am, pulled out my change purse and asked how much the change was.

Yes I know, that forty four cents really isn't a big deal and it probably didn't change that girl's life (other than that she would have gone without her can of refried beans). Nonetheless I felt good about myself on my drive home, I even felt less guilty about the ice cream I had just bought. It's funny how something so small can raise our spirits so quickly. I don't know if it's the feeling of doing something we didn't have to do, or our reaction to the recognition we may get (but feel we deserve?) afterward.

There was a movie from 2000 called Pay it Forward that came to my mind when thinking about the events that had just transpired. The movie stars Haley Joel Osment, Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and a slew of other famous people. The story is that of a 12 year old boy who is given the school assignment of thinking up a way to improve the world. He thought up a simple yet genius way to change mankind for the better. The idea starts out by one person doing a favor for three others, then instead of repaying the favor; the three each have to then help three other people in some way. It's a humanitarian pyramid scheme. But try as he might, the plan didn’t seem to work out as designed, at first anyway… You’ll just have to watch it to find out what happens.  :)

Funny how it doesn't seem to take much to alter our way of thinking, but it takes so much effort to commit to a new way of thinking/existing/relating to those around us. I suppose it has something to do with our fallible human nature, we find it so easy to do think that we want, but we're so reluctant to do things out of our comfort zone. If I had made a pledge to lie around watching TV shows and eating baked potatoes I’m sure I could keep up with it pretty well. But if I was required to do something outside of my bubble like give a hug to everyone I see that wears blue sweaters, the follow through rate would be pretty low. Well, I'm getting ramble-y and off topic (what was the topic?), so I’ll say ttfn! Ta ta for now!

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