Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#PLOT is Easy

Eating healthy and making right choices does not have to be hard.  While this diet is not a permanent thing for me, it has shown me I can put my mind towards something and achieve it.  I'm halfway through the week and feel more resolved than ever.  It is tempting to see others eating sweets and junk food around me, especially Peanut M&Ms!

Some foods I am missing:  eggs, yogurt, and ice cream.  Next week I can have eggs, possibly yogurt, but I only want one dessert per week.  Ouch!  I may have to whittle it down gradually.

Yesterday was my day off, so I only ate home made, but when I am at work a Naked juice and a banana help me stay full and satisfied.

Power-C Machine Yummy!

Fruits and veggies have hardly any calories, be sure to mix it up.

Pink Lady Apple

Later this week I will have to see if I have lost any weight.  My pants feel more loose, but that is no guarantee.

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