Friday, July 27, 2012

Fiction Friday Guest Blogger: Jen

Camp Lake Dip
Part Four

Day Six: June 6, Monday, 2011.

Just when I was starting to like camp, Katelynn ruins everything. How did she do it, you might ask? Well, she was put in charge of getting the perfect horse for each of us campers, and she did just that for everyone but me! She gave me the fastest horse when I asked for a slow one. I was hardly in the saddle when my horse took off at full speed! I held on for dear life, and luckly I didn't fall off. But now I never want to get on a horse again, and it's all that Katelynn's fault. More bunk talk:

Leah: Boy, I want a horse SOOOO bad!
Helan: I know, me too!!
Kirsty: Well, I OWN a pony.
Helan and Leah: YOU DO??
Kirsty: Yep! Her name is Mud pie!
Leah: Well, at least it isn't Cow pie!
Helan: Ha, ha! Good one, Leah!
Kirsty: Well, you just want your own pony, I bet, and that's why you're acting this way. So stop it!
Helan: Well, I guess I do want one, but not a fast one like Sarah rode today.
Leah: I know! That was kind of funny really.
Kirsty: Yeah! It was sooo funny!!

I can't wait until the weekend!
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