Friday, July 20, 2012

Fiction Friday Guest Blogger: Jen

Camp Lake Dip
Part Three

Day Four: June 4, Saturday, 2011.

Today there is no stuff planned. We can just do whatever we want. I went swimming, along with a girl from cabin #2, Abby. We swam out to the middle of the lake, where they have this big float. We laid there for a while, then finally began to talk:

Abby: So, uh.... did you really take the art stuff?
Me: WHAT?!?! No way!! Who told you that??
Abby: Katelynn. I don't really trust her. She's one of those wears-a-lot-of-make-up types.
Me: I know. I was on her team yesterday.
Abby: Oh, yeah, that's right. You were on her team with the other make-up girl, too.
Me: Kirsty.
Abby: Huh???
Me: Her name is Kirsty.
Abby: Huh. They are both K's.
Me: The K- girls!!!

At that point we started to swim back, giggling. I think I am going to like camp after all!

Day Five: June 5, Sunday, 2011.

Another free day! Another swim with Abby!!


Hair: Black. Eyes: Black. Freckles: none.

More lake float talk:

Abby:... So, where are you from?
Me: What do you mean?
Abby: I mean, like, what country?
Me: Um, I guess America?
Abby: Well, I'm from Korea.
Me: KOREA?? cool!!
Abby: You really think so? My bunk mates think I'm weird.
Me: Mine too. Kirsty most of all.
Abby: Yeah. Katelynn got all the other girls in my bunk to hate me. They think it was you or me who took the art stuff.
Me: Really? She's just like Kirsty! But the girls in my bunk are sure it was me since...
Abby: Since you're new.
Me: ...Yeah.
Abby: Well, I'm new too. And so is Alex, another girl in my bunk. But they think it was me since...
Me: Since you're from another country.
Abby: ...Yeah.

Tomorrow we have horse back riding.
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