Friday, July 13, 2012

Fiction Friday Guest Blogger: Jen

Camp Lake Dip
Part Two

Day Two: June 2, Thursday, 2011.

Guess What? NO ARTS AND CRAFTS!!!!!! We were going to have it today, but somebody sneaked in last night and stole all the art stuff!!!! Leah is sure that Kirsty did it, but Helan thinks it was one of the girls from bunk #2 (somebody named Katelynn). Who do I think did it? Well, I think it was Leah. Don't ask me why, I just do. More bunk talk:

Helan: Leah, I know Katelynn took the art stuff. Don't you remember how she pushed me off my horse last year? And, she knows I love arts and crafts!!!
Leah: Yeah, but Kirsty is her best friend, and-
Kirsty: Hey!! I would never steal anything!!
Leah: Whatever. As I was saying, I am sure that Kirsty took the art stuff, then gave it to Katelynn!
Kirsty: I would never do that! You guys are so mean!!!!!
Helan: Let me guess: You think that Katelynn is going to use the stolen art stuff to make me look bad, right?
Leah: Right!
Helan: Well, I think about the same thing as you, but I think that Katelynn took it herself.
Leah: Hey, Kirsty, who do you think did it?
Kirsty: Did what?
Leah: Stole the art stuff, of course!
Kirsty: Well, I know for sure it was Sally. Katelynn told me she saw her do it.
Helan: Who did it?
Kirsty: Sally, that new girl!
Helan and Leah: You mean SARAH!!
Kirsty: Yeah, Sarah.

So they think that I stole the art stuff?? Now I don't even have a chance of making a friend!!

Day Three: June 3, Friday, 2011.

Today we had field game day. It sounded like fun, but it was awful. Katelynn and Helan were team captains. Helan picked Leah, Sammy, and Abby for pink team. Katelynn picked Kirsty and Alexa. Then Katelynn asked if one of the counslers could join her team!! All I could do was  look at the ground, wishing I could just sink into it. But the counslers were firm and they said I had to be on red team. Katelynn was NOT happy about that at all. The red team lost every game, and they all say it was my fault. But it wasn't! It was Kirsty's. She stinks at sports. In soccer, she kept kicking the ball into our own goal. More bunk talk:

Leah: Today rocked!! We totally beat Katelynn into the dust!
Helan: Yeah! You are such a good player, Leah! You're even better then last year!
Kirsty: Well, the red team would have won if Sarah weren't on our team.
Helan: Lucky for us she was!

This just can't get any worse!!!
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