Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#PLOT Happens

June 13th, 2012

Yesterday I worked out for two hours again!  It's becoming more fun to sweat.  My ankles do not hurt anymore either.  What did I watch while working out?  Doctor Oz and...Good Eats.  Haha, watching the Food Network while exercising, such a good idea.  Alton Brown is amazing.  Between the elliptical and the treadmill I went over six miles.

Let's play another round of what's in my MP3 Player.

"Call It What You Want" by Foster the People.  It's my new favorite work out song.  Sometimes I'll put it on repeat.  The music video is eclectic, weird, and slightly disturbing.

"Free" by Switchfoot  This is an amazing song by an amazing band.  Switchfoot is my favorite band (which is still together, The Beatles are my number one of all time).  Someday I will dedicate a blog post to my top Switchfoot songs, after all, this blog is named after them.  The song "Free" is a cry of the soul.  Unfortunately, this song does not have an official music video on Youtube.

"Watch Over Me" by Hanson  Yes, Hanson is the boy band of the '90s who sang ""Mmmbop", but they have grown up and matured.  Their songs have changed much since their tween days.  This song is one of my top faves.

"Give Up" by Sherwood.  I saw these guys in concert years ago.  They were awesome!  I just found out the band broke up.  How sad.  The two albums I own are amazing, check them out if you like a good beat.

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