Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How Am I Supposed to Give You Up? by Sak

Run away to Omaha 
Pack it up or give it all away 
It doesn't matter anymore
Whatever don't fit we don't need
Leave it behind

The bride will be bashful
The groom will grin
The parents will beam
Along w/the friends
But a piece of my heart fell off
Sunk into my chest
And I forgot to breath

You know he told me he loved me
But he didn't mean it - his actions prove him wrong
A big white house w/pillars in the front, an upstairs, a basement, an attic, a porch w/rockers, a library, a study, silence, time apart

All I want to do is burn that picture
But I can't - my heart may break

But if I was in Omaha...

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