Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Journey Called #PLOT

May 30th, 2012

Today was the day!  I worked out for two hours at the gym.  I mixed it up between the elliptical, treadmill, and bike.  It was rough going at first, my body was rebelling big time.  Eventually I made it through and the workout became fun.  Having my own source of entertainment was definitely a plus.  My MP3 player has video capability, so I spent a majority of the time watching the PDS.  It would be awesome if Source Fed videos were on iTunes as well. *hint hint*  It would motivate me to stay on the elliptical.  One thing bringing me down: how the machines require me to cling to the heart rate monitor.  I want to swing my arms on the treadmill!  It also hurts my hands.  I don't know if this is carpal tunnel or tendinitis acting up.

My food intake was not enough for the amount of exercise.  I thought cottage cheese and blueberries would be a nutritious enough meal (with a few chips), but no.  After about an hour and a half into the routine, my body was becoming jittery.  The last few minutes my body felt weak.  Every move I made felt like slow motion.  While I am starving right now, I am also completely exhausted.  I don't know what to eat after a workout. *shrug*  Any suggestions?

Tomorrow the plan is to work out with a friend after work.  I don't know what she is in the mood for, but I hope to spend at least an hour at the gym.  Nothing is preventing me from staying if she wants to leave early...

Oh, almost forgot, I weighed myself today.  It's never a fun experience.  Especially since it's in a public area of the women's restroom/changing area, so I have to keep my clothes on.  It's been a debate to whether or not I feel comfortable posting my weight in a public fashion.  There will be a before picture today.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Maybe instead of posting my weight, I will just say I wish to lose 12 lbs.

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