Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#PLOT Ahead

May 29th, 2012

Today I was not motivated to eat healthy at all.  This morning I had a bagel, egg, bacon, and cheese from Dunkin.  For lunch, I had fried chicken and a big chocolate chip cookie.  It was temptation all around me.  This is the one downfall to working at a grocery store, all the bad food is within arms reach.  My eyes were bigger than my stomach though.  I threw away what I could not finish.

I found another workout buddy!  It is easier to work out with a friend.  We are going on Thursday.  Tomorrow is my day.  I made a big batch of green tea for iced tea.  I'm going to add some grapefruit.  These two foods boost your metabolism.  I'm going to bring it to the gym and sweat!  The elliptical is my best friend.  I like to use the cardio setting on it and then walk using the fat burn setting on the treadmill.  Usually I work out for one hour, this time I'm going to shoot for two.  Bring it!

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