Sunday, May 27, 2012

#PLOT Forward

May 27th, 2012

Mommytard responded to me on her katilette channel on Youtube!  Check it out:  She has a big heart and is one of the nicest people on Youtube.  It made my day and blessed me extremely that she took time out of her day to respond to my question.  She inspires me.  Thanks Mommytard!

Yesterday was a tough day for trying to be healthy.  I ate a lot of food.  It was my graduation dinner.  We had grilled hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon, and chocolate cake for dessert.  Oh, and chips and soda...oops.

This week I am determined to visit the gym a few times and take my before picture.  It would probably be a good idea to set a goal date for the picture.  Wednesday I will take and post my before picture on here.  Eek!

I'm interested in following more bloggers, so if you know of anyone with a funny interesting blog or you blog, let me know!

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